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Peculiares Viri

Once upon a time, there was a group of friends in a beautiful town called Groningen. It seemed that all those men had something in common: their deeply cherished love for an alcoholic beverage called beer, especially the so-called “craft beers”. Throughout the year, a group of craft beer-enthusiasts was formed: ‘Peculiares Viri’.

From left to right in the back: Tobias Deelstra, Marco Hansma, Luuk Meijer, Helmer Hoenink
From left to right in front: Kevin Vedder, Daan Spoor, Laurens van Egmond

This group of men gathered regularly to fulfill their desire by drinking a lot of those extraordinary beverages. During those gatherings the members of Peculiares Viri absorbed a lot of information about all those different kinds of beers, which led to every member having an enormous package of knowledge.

At a certain moment this group of men decided to spread this substantial amount of knowledge within the other matter for which they had a common love: Faculty Association Ibn Battuta. From that moment, Peculiares Viri is proud to be honored with the title: Fellowship of Faculty Association Ibn Battuta.

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Peculiares Viri