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By becoming a member of Ibn Battuta and with signing this SEPA authorization you authorize Ibn Battuta (Creditor Identifier: NL45ZZZ400231240000) to send instructions to your bank to debit your account and you authorize your bank to debit your account with the instructions from Ibn Battuta.As part of your rights, you are entitled to a refund from your bank under the terms and conditions of your agreement with your bank. A refund must be claimed within 8 weeks starting from the date on which your account was debited.


Please note: you can only log in to your account once your account has been activated by Ibn Battuta


The price for an Ibn Battuta Membership is €14,00 a year.  

For information on what an Ibn Battua Membership offers, you can check out the following page for information.

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Ole Jörg Müller

Ole Jörg Müller

Christina Bollmann

Christina Bollmann