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12th Lustrum: Cosmopolitan

Next year Ibn Battuta will celebrate its 60th birthday, the diamond anniversary! In light of this festive event, the Lustrum Committee will organize several activities and parties in the Association year 2020-2021. The main event they'll organize is the Lustrum Week starting at August 25 and ending on September, 5, with the theme 'Cosmopolitan'! During this week, a lot of different activities will be organized by the Lustrum Committee, which you can all join. For more updates during the year, keep an eye on our website, socials as well as the website and socials from the Lustrum Committee! Here, you can find the terms and conditions!

Lustrum Openingsreception

This activity is canceled. It is now merged with the Grand Opening. 

Grand opening

Get the full experience by joining the grand opening in the evening as well, which will take place in BaxBier and where you will be offered unlimited drinks. There is no better way to start, right? You can sign up from the 17th of June, 7 PM and it will cost €25,-! 

Foodtruck-Friends-Family Day

Want to introduce your family & friends to Ibn Battuta and the Lustrum? Then take them to the Foodtruck-Friends-Family Festival at Stadslab Groningen to chill out, enjoy some drinks and the best streetfood! With the summer in full swing by then and some fresh tunes blasting through the speakers, we believe we have the killer combination for a perfect day. You can sign up from the 17th of June, 5 PM and it will cost €12,50-


With the Wintersport to Risoul being the last time we traveled, it is finally time to do so again! We have missed out on some great trips, but we are doing our best to soften that pain by answering all your prayers. With the help of the famous projectgroup Schier, Ibn's very familiar and favorite location will be visited during the Lustrum. Oh yes, it is true: from the 27th until the 29th, the Lustrum travel weekend sets sail to Schiermonnikoog! You can sign up from the 21st of June, 5 PM and it will cost €80,-

E-chopper tour

After a few days of relaxation on Schier, it is time to Pace it Up in our own beloved city! And no part of the city will be left out, as we will tour around on some blazing e-choppers! No driver’s licence? No worries! You can either join us on an alternative for which you don’t need a licence, or you can hop on the back of an e-chopper with one of your friends. You can sign up from the 17th of June, 5 PM and it will cost approximately €15,-

Cocktail workshop

How better to end your day than with a drink? During a workshop in Donovan's, we will learn how to make the best cocktails and even better, getting to drink them as well. A great opportunity to talk and hear about the experiences of the Lustrum so far! 


Always wanted to ski, but not a fan of cold weather? Then this summer proof activity is the right one for you. On the 31st of August, we take you water skiing at Break Out Grunopark. While watching your friends trying their best on the water, you can either chill out on the beach or play some nice beach volleyball. Afterwards you can stay and enjoy the evening sun at our own Costa del Sol!


After a week full of activities, we get it if you start to feel tired. Luckily, we got you covered for some Reloading! The Forum Groningen will welcome us and open the doors to our own private cinema hall. Popcorn and comfy chairs are waiting for you. And which movie we will be watching is yet to be decided. By you! 

Dinner at ‘t pakhuis

Later that day, we want to invite you to the Pakhuis for a nice dinner. Not having to cook and doing the dishes afterwards should be enough to convince you to join, but next to that it will be a great opportunity to have a chat in a laid-back atmosphere. You can sign up from the 17th of June, 5 PM and will cost €17,50-

Lustrum battle

As we will probably experience some hot temperatures during our Lustrum, it is time to cool down a bit. We will be Slippin’ on an inflatable obstacle course of 60 meters and unleash the inner sportsman in ourselves while competing against each other in a fun and challenging battle.You can sign up from the 17th of June, 5 PM. 


In the evening, the Pedelgenootschap is inviting you to Villa Volonté for an evening full of singing and drinking, while Sipping some beers. Those who have never been to a cantus, the ones who love to go and  those who haven’t been there for a (very) long time: you are all more than welcome to join! As cherry on top, you will receive a customized beer mug as a memory of what will be a wonderful evening.

Alumni activity

All good things come to an end, but not without a bang. On Friday, we invite our alumni and students for a Throwback. You will have a really nice lecture, that would be announced later on. This activity will end with drinks and snacks, but don’t consume too much, as the gala will start right after! You can sign up from the 24th of June, 5 PM. 


In the evening, the Loods is opening its doors for us for the highlight of the Lustrum: the grand gala! We will start with a three-course meal in the open air after which we will make our way inside to enjoy some unlimited drinks and dancing until the early hours. You can sign up from the 24th of June, 5 PM and it will cost around €60,-
Passepartouts holders are already signed in for the dinner and gala!

Passepartout Day

If we haven’t given you enough reasons to buy a Passepartout already, we have one final card upon our sleeve that will hopefully convince you: a Passepartout Day! A day only for holders of the diamond and golden ticket. In case you are wondering what we are going to do on that day: there is only one way to find out! 

Introduction Day

Dear First year students,

Lazy Lunch

*This is for first year students only*

Dutch Games Afternoon

*This activity is open for all members*

Introduction Weekend

*This activity is only for first year students*

Beerpong tournament

*This activity is for all members*

Committee Plaza

Dear members,

Walking Dinner

*This activity is for all members*

EGEA Culture Cafe

The EGEA Committee would like to invite you to our Culture Cafe on Thursday the 16th of September! This event will be a fun opportunity to get to know the different cultures represented within Ibn Battuta as well as share a bit about your own culture. The night will consist of a series of speed dating rounds where you will be able to discuss different aspects of culture while enjoying some nice drinks and getting to know some new friends. In order to get a taste of what your culture is really like, we would like to ask you to bring some food or drinks special to your country or hometown that everyone may try during the Culture Cafe! The event will is free and will take place this Thursday, the 16th of September starting at 20:00 directly after the walking dinner at Donovans on Peperstraat 15.

Ibn Battuta X Physical Geography nearly post Corona Championship

Dear Members,

Movie Afternoon

*This activity is for all members*


The day has come, enjoying live music together seemed ages ago but now the Zwemfest festival will be here to change history, have a psychological impact, bring neurobiological insight and create a spatial place for people to dance their ass off. On the 30th of September, Vera Groningen hosts an evening full of live music with bands like Queen’s Pleasure and Banji, a treat! The costs are 6 euros per member ;) 

Zwemfest Reserve List

This is the reserve list for Zwemfest. Whenever someone signs off as a participant, we will contact the first person on this reserve list to sign up. 

Ibn goes to prison

Dear ibners,

Master Network FSS: Pub Quiz

After a long period of online events, it is finally time to meet in person again! On the 5th of October the Master Network FSS will host a challenging Pub Quiz at Eetcafé ‘t Zwarte Schaap. We will question you about various subjects, from actualities to questions about geography and planning. To celebrate, we will provide some delicious snacks. Walk-in starts at 19:30 and the quiz will kick-off at 20:00. There is no sign-up so make sure to be there early as places are limited! We hope to see you there!

October GMA

Dear members,

Oktoberfest Social Drink

Dear Ibn’ers, 

Hitchhiking Weekend

Hello Ibn'ers!

Climbing the Martinitower

Dear members, 

Cooking Workshop

Dear Ibners,


Dear members, 

SmirnofFYCe Theme Party

Dear Ibn’ers,

After Exam Drinks: Faculty Edition

Join the Master Network FSS Friday, the 12th of November at the Foodcourt to toast that the exams are over! From 16:00h onwards, the Master Network and the Faculty are welcoming you to have a drink and a chitchat. This allows you to end the exam period, and start the weekend in a nice way! Hope to see you there!

CANCELED: Le'cie Social Drink

Esteemed Ibn’ers,

Ski Clinic

Dear Ibn´ers,


Dear Ibn’ers,

Grote Markt Project Visit

Dear ibn'er, 

POSTPONED: Career Orientation Symposium

Explore the field of spatial sciences and earn LC-points!

POSTPONED: Master Network FSS In-House Tour

- This event is in Dutch – 
Met enthousiasme kondigen we aan dat de In House-Tour 2021 gaat plaatsvinden op 25 en 26 november! Tijdens deze tweedaagse kan jij in contact komen met bedrijven in ons vakgebied, deze zijn gevestigd in Amsterdam en Utrecht. De inschrijvingen zijn al geopend, dus wees er zeker van je aan te melden via de link in onze bio. Omdat het evenement in het Nederlands is, zullen de komende berichten over aankondigingen ook in het Nederlands zijn. Als je vragen hebt over de In House-Tour 2021 staan wij klaar deze te beantwoorden! De komende periode zullen de partners en het programma bekend gaan maken, dus hou de website en de socials in de gaten.

Seated Social Drink

Dear members,

Oldenburg Christmas Market

Dear Ibn’ers,

Pool Tournament

Dear Ibn'ers, 

Postponed: STUDENT-Labs Drinks

Dear Ibn'ers!

Jump XL

Dear members

Clothing Collection Coffee Hour

Dear Ibn'er

Sinterklaas Beer Tasting

Dear member, 

Christmas Luner

Dear members, 

Brunch To-Go

Dear members, 

Wintersports Trip

Dear Ibn‘ers, 

Ibn Walks

Have you been sitting inside a lot this winter break? Do you want to have a chat with others, get to know more about a board year or committees? Then come get outside with us! Over the next few weeks you can come on a walk with the board or other Ibn’ers. How do you sign up? You can sign up via this google form.

Career Orientation Symposium

Dear Ibn’ers,

Committee Plaza

Dear members,

Committee Plaza

Dear members,

Lunch Walk

Dear Ibn'ers, 

Silent Disco

Do you want to celebrate and dance away the exam week? Join us on our Silent Disco Night on the 3rd of February! How do you join? You will be able to get a set of 5 headphones for 40€ including the possibility of creating your own 2 channels. In that way you can adapt to the music you like!

Almanac Reveal Social Drink

Dear Ibn'ers,

Online Beerpong Tournament

Dear Ibn'ers,

PG SusSoC X EGEA Cook Along

Dear Ibn'er,

Spatial Sciences Quiz

Dear members,

Mid-Year Welcome Cafe

On the 16th of February at 20:00, the Master Network invites new and old students to the Mid-Year Welcome Café. Are you new in Groningen? Then come join us and get to know more about the city! Have you been in Groningen for a while? Then come join us and exchange some information!

NGPS 2022: Spatial Inequalities

This year's National Geography and Planning Symposium will cover the theme Spatial Inequalities. The event will be free of charge and online, due to the current COVID-19 measures. Do you want to know more? Check it out here. Signing up is possible here. 

Cocktail Workshop

Dear Ibn'ers,

Former Board Walk-In Moment

Are you interested in applying for the Board of Ibn Battuta? You can make use of these walk-in moments with former Board members to gather more information on how it is to be part of the Ibn Battuta Board!

Master Network: Know Your Worth

On 1 March from 19:00 -21:00, YER will give a relevant workshop in salary negotiation! You can sign up via

Galant Gala


Former Board Walk-In Moment

Are you interested in applying for the Board of Ibn Battuta? You can make use of these walk-in moments with former Board members to gather more information on how it is to be part of the Ibn Battuta Board!

Canceled: STUDENT-labs Project Visit

Dear Ibn'ers, 

March GMA

Dear Ibn'ers,

BEC Toodle-oo Social Drink

Dear Ibn’ers,

Foodstand Zernike

Together with the Faculty of Spatial Sciences, we are happy to present the FSS Promo Week! 

FSS Pub Quiz

Together with the Faculty of Spatial Sciences, we are happy to present the FSS Promo Week! 

Alcohol & Drugs Quiz with VNN

Do you know everything about alcohol and drugs? Are you curious about the long term effects? And do you think you can beat your fellow students? On the 17th of March, Ibn Battuta and VNN organize an Alcohol & Drugs Quiz at the Zernike Campus! 

FSS Pub Lecture & Drinks

Together with the Faculty of Spatial Sciences, we are happy to present the FSS Promo Week! 

Foreign Excursion

Dear Ibn'ers,


Master Network FSS & Ex'cieding expectations present:

STUDENT-labs Kroegcollege

*This activity is in Dutch*

Candidate Board Announcement Social Drink

Dear members,

Master Network FSS: After Exam Drinks

Most of you are busy with your exams and are looking forward to Thursday afternoon! Well, then you’re in for a treat: the Master Network is organizing after exam drinks, at Café Wolthoorn (14 April) from 16:30h onwards where you can have a chat with your fellow master students. You can just come by and we hope to see plenty of you there!

In-House Tour Utrecht & Amsterdam

Note: this event is in Dutch! Fluency in the Dutch language is therefore required. 
Sign Up here:

Find Your THEMEmates Party

Dear members,

Exchange EGEA Leuven

Dear members of EGEA and Ibn Battuta,

STUDENT-labs Inhouseday


Pub Lecture: Sustainable Beer Brewing

Dear Ibn'ers,


After 2 years, the biggest relay race in the world, can finally happen again!

May Social Drink: Throwback Tuesday

Dear Ibn'ers,

Career Day FSS 2022

Dear Ibn'ers

Seal Sanctuary Visit

Dear Ibn'er,

Night of Sustainability

Not only the trees are turning green, so are our associations! After much time and planning we are proud to announce to you this year’s set-up for the Night of Sustainability. This year promises new and insightful workshops, combined with a general lecture, on the topic of sustainability. The event is totally free of charge, and we even included some drinks. So come join us on the 17th of May at 19:00 @ Zernike Campus for an interesting evening. You can sign-up via this google docs and immediately give us your preferences for workshops: See you on the 17th! Make sure to sign up via the website aswell as via the google form!

Ibn Battuta x VIP Soccer Tournament

Dear Ibn’ers,

Sustainable Domibo

Dear members,

As you might know, next week is the Societal Awareness week. On Thursday we are hosting a sustainable domibo (dondermiddagborrel; drinks and snacks) in the interim of Zernike Campus!

We can imagine everyone loves some snacks and drinks and we want to show you some sustainable and vegan options to spice it up! We will provide some food and (non-alcoholic) drinks made of seasonal and local products to enjoy together. 

The Domibo will last from 15.00 till 17.00. To prevent the food and drinks to be thrown away, signing up is necessary. The activity will cost around €3,50 and you can sign up and off until the 18th of May. We hope to see you there!

Kind regards,
sFYCe it up


It is finally time again, for something that used to be an annual event! On the 23rd of May, Gotcha will start! This activity will last about a month, during which, you will receive a target which you have to shoot with a water gun. If you have done this, your target is out of the game and you will receive a new target. This continues until there are only a few contestants left. They will play the finale at the SeS’Cie Chillings, where the winner will ofcourse get a prize. Sign up via the website and join one of the most exciting games of the year!

Cancelled :Xstate Speeddates

This event is in Dutch

SFE II - Bruges

Dear Ibn'ers, 

Hot & Cold Scavenger Hunt

Dear members,

Dress-up Cantus

Dear members,

Zwemfest pre-party

Dear ibn'ers,

Kandi Kubb Tournament

Dear Ibn'ers,

Day of Sustainability

*This activity is for free*

Day of Sustainability - Cooking Workshop

Dear Ibn’ers!

Kadaster In-Office Visit

In-Office Visit

Master Network FSS: End of Year Drinks

Celebrate the summer with the Master Network FSS End of Year Drinks at the 14th of June! Come and join us from 17.00h at the Rooftop Bar of Boovn to have dinner and drinks while chilling and having a good time with your fellow students. The first drinks and snacks are on us… So, see you there!!

Handover GMA

On Tuesday, June the 21st, the Handover GMA will take place!

After GMA Social Drink

Dear members, 

SeS'cie Chillings

Dear Ibn’ers,

FYC Barbecue

Dear members,

Dies: Escape Rooms

On the 24th of June you can join us for the Mid-Summer ParaDies. In the afternoon we will start with an Escape Room. Do you have what it takes to Escape with your friends? In a battle two groups will simultaneously try to escape from the exact same room. Whoever will make it out quicker will be crowned the winner! Afterwards, we will enjoy some drinks on their terrace.

Mid-Summer ParaDIES Party

On the 24th of June you can join us for the Mid-Summer ParaDies. In the evening, we would like to invite you to our very own Mid-Summer Night ParaDies party at Smoke! With unlimited drinks it is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the Dies and the end of the Academic Year.

Kenonz Boatparty



Ahoy mateys!