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Algemene Leden Vergadering

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Gio trekt een bak

Omdat Jelmer en Tobias vandaag jarig zijn trekt Gio nu een bak.

After Exams Cocktail Tour

The exam period has just started, which means that just two weeks from now, the exams will already be over again! To celebrate that, the Master Network FSS will open their online bar again on the 4th of February, for an online cocktail tour! They have 3 amazing cocktails on the menu, and you get to make them yourselves! For just €10,- they will personally deliver everything you need to make the cocktails! In their online bar you will get to meet new fellow master students, and you can catch up with old friends. Sign up now via the link below!

If you are not in Groningen on the 4th of February you can still join the online environment! The Master Network FSS can provide you with a list of the cocktails that they will make so you can get the ingredients yourself, or you can join with other drinks!

Where is Ibn?

Are you ready to celebrate the end of exams? Join us, the SupersEx’cie, as we explore the town of Groningen with our ‘Where is Ibn?’ event! 

Mini Game Night

Are you ready to play some nice and interactive games with your fellow Ibn’ers? Then join the SmirnofFYCe on their Online Game Night! On the 11th of February, the First-Year Committee will host an Online Game Night with games like Cards Against Humanity, Undercover and Doodle. At this online event you will be divided into groups and play these different games during the evening. The online program that will be used is ‘Backyard’. If you want to join, please subscribe so we can divide the groups in advance. We hope to see you there! 

Spatial Sciences Quiz

On Tuesday, 23 February, the annual Spatial Sciences Quiz will take place once again! Join the SeS’Cie online and compete with others to test your knowledge on greatly varying topics such as geography, music, Ibn Battuta and much more. The winner, second and third place will be rewarded with a great prize! The quiz will take place at 9 PM, sign up here! Different from last years, the Spatial Sciences Quiz will be organized online via Zoom & Kahoot. You can join via this link: 

National Geography and Planning Symposium

Each year the National Geography and Planning Symposium takes place in a different city. This year, study association Mundus will be our host as the NGPS will take place online, but will be broadcasted from the beautiful city of Nijmegen. 

Former boards info session

Are you interesting in or doubting about a board year? On the 2nd of March there will be an online walk-in session with former boardmembers from 4-6PM. There will be a former Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Commissioner External Relations. You can join them via the link below.

Former boards info session

Are you interesting in or doubting about a board year? On the 3rd of March there will be an online walk-in session with former boardmembers from 4-6PM. There will be a former Chairman, Treasurer and Commissioner Internal Relations. You can join them via the link below.

Cook-a-long with the Pedelgenootschap!

Hello everyone! On the 11th of March at 5:30 PM, the Pedelgenootschap will host an online cook-a-long event to celebrate their 15th anniversary! The Pedelgenootschap will cook a dish on livestream that you can follow step-by-step at home. This is a fun evening in which you can show off your cooking skills while enjoying some drinks with the Pedelgenootschap. Of course, you can pair up with someone to increase the fun. We will be preparing a lasagna and will also provide a vegetarian option. We will make sure to send you an ingredient and drinks list beforehand so you can cook along with us. It is an excellent way to get to know us, meet up with your fellow students, and to cook a nice, ‘healthy’ meal. So, put on your cooking gear, sign up before 11th of March 1:00 PM and join us on the 11th of March! We hope to see you there!

CANCELED: Foreign Excursion

BEC to the Future announced that the Foreign Excursion of 2021 will go to Belgium, Germany, France, and Luxembourg. With the main location... The Ardennes! The excursion will contain a mix of social & adventurous activities! The Foreign Excursion will take place from Saturday, the 13th of March until Saturday, the 20th of March, and the trip takes all COVID-19 measures into account. The costs will only be €340,- including travel expenses, daily activities, and sleeping accommodation!

Societal Awareness Week

From Monday, the 15th of March until Friday, the 19th of March, the board organizes, in collaboration with Projectgroup Sustainability & Society, the Societal Awareness Week with the theme 'waste management'. During this week we want to create more awareness regarding waste management amongst our members. Therefore, we came up with several events in which you can contribute! 

Enter the Project: Amsterdam Zuidasdok

On the 16th of March, we will dive deep into the Amsterdam Zuidasdok project. Together with the students from the EIP I&W annotation, we have organized an afternoon where you will get to know this massive urban infrastructure project from different perspectives corresponding to the different FSS master programs. The event will be filled with engaging talks from the various parties involved, from the contractors to the municipality. Stay tuned to find out who. You can sign up here!

Master Network FSS In-House Festival

As of today, you can mark the first festival of the year in your calendar: The Master Network FSS In-House Festival! We host a week full of online activities that you would normally find in our In-House Tour. We will visit several companies, which we will announce the coming period. Next to that, we host an alumni dinner in collaboration with Pro Geo and the alumni association, the Professor Keuning Vereniging. 
So, make sure to mark 12 to 16 April in your calendar for the first festival of 2021!
You can now sign up here! 

EGEA Geo Guessr Competition

There are over 90 cities represented by EGEA (European Geography Association)! Exchanges and getting to know other European cultures/cities are a big part of being in EGEA. Because we can’t physically visit our fellow EGEAns this year this GEO GUESSR can give us a chance to explore their cities virtually 

Canidate Board Announcement

The current board´s year is already coming to an end. This means that Ibn Battuta will need a new board for next year and therefore, on the 13th of April, the 60th candidate board will be presented to you via Zoom! The announcement will start at 7 PM and end around 9 PM.

Candidate Board Coffee Hour

On April 14, you will get the opportunity to meet the new Candidate Board via a virtual Coffee Hour! Sadly, you will have to make your own coffee and tea, but the Candidate Board will ensure you of a fun time. Make sure to come by and get to know the Candidate Board here!  

Rijkswaterstaat lecture from Maartje Beltman

Maartje Beltman, now manager of Rijkswaterstaat,former student at the FSS and a former boardmember of Ibn Battuta. She will tell us about Rijkswaterstaat , the challenges ahead of us and her personal career and experiences. The lecture will take place at Tuesday, the 20th of April from 12 AM - 1 PM. You can join the lecture via this zoom link.

Online Casino Night with the SES'Cie

On April 20, the Sports and Games Committee will organize their first activity, an online Casino night! You can expect games such as Blackjack, Poker and Roulette! The evening will last approximately two hours and will start at 20:00! We hope to see as many of you there!
- Obsescie 2021

Day of Sustainability

The theme of this year’s Day of Sustainability (organized by Projectgroup Sustainability) is GREEN CITIES! On the Thursday 29th of April, join us online for an inspiring and insightful day with several amazing and inspiring speakers to discuss everything from climate adaption to green infrastructure and their significance for a sustainable future! There will even be discussion sessions with the speakers after the event! 

SupersEx´Cie King´s Games

Dear Ibners!
We hope you all are ready for another adventurous day of activities with SupersEx'Cie.
This time, in honour of king's day and to celebrate the easing of restrictions, we will be hosting our first in person activity: King's Games!
The King's Games will consist of a circuit of different games throughout Stadspark, at each game there will be one or two committee members you need to beat - beware we are all extremely well trained and potentially lethal at close proximity ;)

Career Day FSS 2021

Registrations for the Career Day FSS 2021 are open. It will take place on the 28th of May 2021 from 09:00 to 16:00. The whole day will be online and there will not be a registration fee. If you join you will get a free lunch provided by Broodje Ben. Adding to that you will get a goodiebag with several goodies. The link to the registration form is here.

12th Lustrum: Cosmopolitan

Next year Ibn Battuta will celebrate its 60th birthday, the diamond anniversary! In light of this festive event, the Lustrum Committee will organize several activities and parties in the Association year 2020-2021. The main event they'll organize is the Lustrum Week starting at May, 12 and ending on May, 22, with the theme 'Cosmopolitan'! During this week, a lot of different activities will be organized by the Lustrum Committee, which you can all join. For more updates during the year, keep an eye on our website, socials as well as the website and socials from the Lustrum Committee!