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Find Your THEMEmates Party

Find Your THEMEmates Party
Presented bysFYCe it up
LocationDonovan's (Peperstraat 15, Groningen)
DateThursday, April 21, 2022 21:00 until 23:59

Dear members,

On the 21st of April, sFYCe it up is organizing a theme party in Donovan's! Instead of giving everybody the same theme, we will send out different themes to everyone, a couple days before the activity, in which you should get dressed. On the party itself, you need to try to find your 'THEMEmates': the people that dressed in the same theme.

The party will be between 9PM and 12PM. Signing up is free, and you will receive two coins for drinks at the entrance. You can sign up or off without costs until the 18th of April. 

We hope to see you there!