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Kandi Kubb Tournament

Kandi Kubb Tournament
Presented by61st Candidate Board
DateThursday, June 2, 2022 16:30 until 18:30

Dear Ibn'ers,

You might have already seen us, the 61st Candidate Board, around, on campus or at activities, but now it is time for us to organize our first proper activity!
Therefore, we would like to invite you to our Kandi Kubb tournament. Kubb (also known as Viking Chess) is an outdoor game that is played in teams.

The objective is to be the first team that knocks over all wooden blocks of the opponents and ultimately the king which is standing in the middle.
The tournament will take place on the 2nd of June in Noorderplantsoen. We will start at 16:30. You can register your team through the Google Docs below, but make sure that you are also enrolled on the website. 

We hope to see many of you there and are very excited for our first activity as a Candidate Board!

Link to google form: