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SupersEx´Cie King´s Games

SupersEx´Cie King´s Games
DateMonday, May 10, 2021 14:00 until 17:00

Dear Ibners!
We hope you all are ready for another adventurous day of activities with SupersEx'Cie.
This time, in honour of king's day and to celebrate the easing of restrictions, we will be hosting our first in person activity: King's Games!
The King's Games will consist of a circuit of different games throughout Stadspark, at each game there will be one or two committee members you need to beat - beware we are all extremely well trained and potentially lethal at close proximity ;)

The games are to be played by pairs, so pick a buddy and sign up together or roll the dice and see which new people you might meet by signing up solo, we will partner you with someone else who has done the same.
The team(s) with most victories will earn wonderful (very secret) prizes - how hard can it be?

To give you all some time to nurse your hangovers from King’s Day, we will organize the games on the 10th of May. Activities will start at 2 PM and end around 5 PM. We will be assigning time slots to each pair to make sure we stay within measures but more on that once you've signed up!

From all of SupersEx'Cie we really look forward to getting to see you in person!