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Where is Ibn?

Where is Ibn?
DateMonday, February 8, 2021 - Sunday, February 21, 2021

Are you ready to celebrate the end of exams? Join us, the SupersEx’cie, as we explore the town of Groningen with our ‘Where is Ibn?’ event! 

This fun, in-person event will take place over a two week period starting from the 8th of February and ending on the 21st of February. tThe event works as follows; During this two week time frame, you have to complete fourtheen (seven per week) assignments. These assignments will be posted in a Whatsapp groupchat with all participants. For each assignment you completed, you'll get a number. Once you have all fourtheen numbers, you will have the coordinates of a certain spot in the City of Groningen.

The only thing you then have to do is go to that spot, make a picture and send it to one of the SuperseX'Cie members. For every assignment carried out well, you will receive a point. The first person who gets to the right spot will earn three bonus points, the second person two and the third person one.The three persons with the most points will win amazing prizes delivered straight to your doorstep! We invite you to escape the indoors and explore Groningen with us!