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Walking Dinner

Walking Dinner
DateThursday, September 16, 2021 17:00 until 20:00

*This activity is for all members*

Dear members,

On the 16th of September, Projectgroup Introduction Period will organize a Walking Dinner. During this event, you can enjoy different meals at different houses. You can sign up as a 'cooker' or as a 'walker' via this form!. If you are signing up as a cooker, find yourself a cooking partner! As a 'walker', a suitable partner will be picked for you. Make sure to join the activity to also enroll via the Ibn Battuta website AND fill in this form!

The price for the dinner will be €12,-. As a cook you will receive money based on the number of participants that will visit your house.

You can sign up for this activity with the button 'enroll'. Please also fill in the form!

The price includes drinks!