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Sinterklaas Beer Tasting

Sinterklaas Beer Tasting
Presented bySinterklaas, Ibn Piet & Board 61
LocationBrouwerij Martinus, Groningen, Kostersgang 32-34
DateTuesday, December 14, 2021 15:00 until 17:00

Dear member, 

We have entered the month December!
It's time for something special, don't you remember?

The great Sinterklaas has already been past everybody's house.
People are already looking forward to the presents of Santa Claus.

However, Sinterklaas has not yet returned to Spain,
and is still in the Netherlands with all this rain.

To him this was no concern,
for Ibn Battuta he was willing to delay his return.

Sinterklaas and the Ibn piet might even have a poem and a present for you!
Therefore it is very important for you to join too.

Sinterklaas arranged a nice activity.
He thought it was time for some festivity.

As his last souvenir of the year,
we will go to Brouwerij Martinus and enjoy some beer!

This event is on December 14,
and you will need a valid QR-code (with a negative test, recovery certificate or a vaccine).

Also don't forget your valid ID,
otherwise getting in is not a guarantee.

The costs of this activity will be around 7 euros,
of which you can drink 4 craft beers (or more, who knows?).

It will be between 3 and 5,
and make sure that afterwards you don't have to drive. 

Please note that signing off without costs is possible before the 13th of December the latest,
but if you are present, Sinterklaas of course things you are the greatest. 

Sinterklaas, Ibn Piet & Board 61 really hope to see you there,
You will not regret it we swear. 

*There are 60 spots free, so make sure you sign up early as a real Ibn Battuta devotee*