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Silent Disco

Silent Disco
DateThursday, February 3, 2022 20:00 until 00:00

Do you want to celebrate and dance away the exam week? Join us on our Silent Disco Night on the 3rd of February! How do you join? You will be able to get a set of 5 headphones for 40€ including the possibility of creating your own 2 channels. In that way you can adapt to the music you like!

All participants will have to sign up. You will receive a message before the event about the details of the payment and we will ask you with who you are planning on doing this event together. 

It is only possible to get the headphones in a set of 5. Please keep in mind that the advice for having guests over is limited to 4 visitors. Therefore, for this activity we strongly recommend you to follow this advice. 

You are able to cancel a set of 5 headphones free of charge until the 1st of February. Keep in mind, you will have to distribute the costs of the headphones among the group you are signing up with. Ibn Battuta will not pay for missing group members.