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Master Network FSS

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For most of us, the future after our studies is unclear. We as the Master Network FSS aim to provide you with a clear vision on what you can do with your degree. By organizing activities and events such as the In-House Tour, In-House Days and social activities, we want to show you what you can do after your studies. All of the above is of course set in a spatial or geographical environment.

During the events, we collaborate with companies and institutions in our working field. Together we organize company visits, workshops and case studies. This way, you can really get to know the company and you just might even find your perfect internship or starters position!

We are there for everyone that is looking to broaden their vision on the working field. We are the connection between you and your future. We are the Master Network.

The applications for the Master Network are open two times a year: in September and in February. Being part of the committee is not fixed to a one year period. Being part of the Master Network FSS is the perfect opportunity to use your creativity, expand your network, and organize events next to your Master Program!

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Apply here for the Master Network FSS


Rick Plegt

Rick Plegt