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Coffee Room

Albeit a cliche, the ‘Coffee Room’ (Koffiekamer in Dutch) is the heart of the Faculty’s association. However, it’s a cliche based on truth; it’s the place members of Ibn Battuta use to come together and to enjoy a freshly brewed coffee. Ideal to discuss the latest courses and exams with your peers; to announce and to participate in the Ibn activities and of course to chit-chat and gossip about the association's’ life.

In the very beginning, the Coffee Room was situated at WSN 51. WSN is the former name of the Duisenberg Building and means Wiskunde, Scheikunde en Natuurkunde (Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics in Dutch), as they were previous users of the Duisenberg Building. The chamber was closely located near the faculty’s staff. Back in the days, it was allowed to smoke inside, resulting in crowded and smoky situations. In 2005 Ibn Battuta moved to a temporary building. Basically, it wasn’t more than a huge site office used to accommodate the study associations present in today's Student Plaza. Despite the noisy surroundings, dirty carpet, squeaky seating (one sofa broke down and wasn’t repaired) and all kinds of other mess, it was a very cozy place. Add some senior members to it, and the picture is complete.