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Book Sale

Every year Ibn Battuta organizes our own textbook sale. Here, you can buy all the books that you need for our courses. The books will be delivered to you at your own home. If you order before the end of the first week after the start of the semester you will receive a discount of 10% on Dutch books and 15% on international books. So order now!
It is also possible to buy second-hand books or to offer your own textbooks to Studystore here.
When you order your books you need to have an account for our webshop. When the website asks to register or to log in you can’t do this with your Ibn Battuta account. Create a new account!

To buy our books you have to be a member of Ibn Battuta. You can become a member for only €14,- a year! Becoming a member is possible here. It is also possible to become a member on our webshop page.

For first-year students: The book 'The Selfmade Land' for the course 'Urbanism & Planning' is unavailable via us. However, it is possible to purchase the book via other webshops!