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Welcome to the Passepartout sale for the 12th lustrum of Ibn Battuta! With the Passepartout you will have access to (almost) all activities during the Lustrumweek. We offer two different kinds of Passepartouts, Diamond and Silver. All the activities included in the different Passepartouts can be seen down below. The Passepartout sale will start on the 26th of May at 5PM! You will be able to buy the Passepartouts until the 9th of June at 5PM. 

Note that there is a limited amount of Passepartout available, they are sold at a ‘first come first serve’ basis. Only members and Alumni of 2020-2021 (because of the postponement of the Lustrum) of Ibn Battuta are eligible to buy a Passepartout.

Buy your Passepartout Diamond here!

Buy your Passepartout Silver here!

More information about the Lustrum can be found here!