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Vote now: Charities & BEC location



At the introduction weekend at Ameland, the three possible locations for the Foreign Excursion were announced, as well as the three charities you can vote on which one we will support throughout the year. 

During this Association Year, we are going to support a charity, within the field of spatial sciences. We are aiming to do this in both financial and non-financial means such as volunteering. However, we want to give you the chance to have a say in which charity we will support. We have the following options; Quiet Groningen, Groninger Landschap, and Natuur en Milieu Federatie Groningen. You can find more information via our social media.

Additionally, “MEN IN BEC” has presented their locations, you can see them in the video here! It is up to you to decide which amazing location we will travel to in March. 

You can vote until  the 26th of September, 23:59.