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February Recap


Dear Ibn'ers,

February started with the first edition of the Association Olympics. Members from Sociëtas, VIP, and Clio battled with Ibn’ers in different games, and an Ibn team won! With the exams coming to an end, Master Network FSS hosted their After Exam Drinks, this time with a nice game of pool. On the 10th of February, the National Geography and Planning Symposium took place. This event, organized together with our sister associations, was held in Wageningen this year. To support the people in Türkiye and Syria, a bake sale was hosted in the coffee room, where over 300 euro’s was raised! After months of hard work, the A’cie revealed their almanac with the theme “Midnight Cities” during the monthly Social Drink. The Le’cie hosted a Publecture together with STUDENT-labs with the topic talent in the north. During the February GMA, the code of conduct was voted in, and decisions were made regarding the new website. Our member of Merit, Peter Schotsman, talked about the southern ring road during an Experts Around the Corner. The last activity of the month was the Planning Dynamics Activity, where we watched a documentary about the industrial change in Detroit and Bochum whilst enjoying some snacks. We look back at a fun month and are looking forward to all the activities in March!!