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April Recap


Dear Ibn’ers, 

Another month has passed for our Association and we are glad with how April went along. The month started of with a blast when we announced the 62nd Candidate Board of Ibn Battuta. We are very excited for them and curious to see what they will achieve in their year as the hopefully 63rd Board! Next up, we had an activity in collaboration with our partner YER. Together with the Master Network FSS we went Pitch & Putting which was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to network. On the 19th of April, our second Cantus of the year took place! Songs were sung and beers were chugged whilst everyone was dressed up in funny costumes. A great night! The following Friday, we visited Dutch Boosting Group with the Master Network FSS. It was a very interesting day and nice to get an insight into their work philosophy. The FYC organized a theme party at Café de Doos on the 24th of April. Under the theme Anything but clothes, many Ibn’ers showed off their creative costumes and danced the night away. Last but not least, Ibn Battuta once again joined the Batavierenrace. Together with TeMa we enjoyed a weekend on the beautiful Campus of the University of Twente and Ibn’ers gave their everything to set a good time. In conclusion it was once again a busy but great month!